About the project

'Create a diversion' explores the trails of influence that exist between visual art and music.

Nothing is created in a vacuum. Sometimes artistic influences are readily apparent; at others they are too subtle or complex to untangle. 'Create a diversion' sets out to explore the way artists respond to specific pieces in a different medium.

The musical collective GROK asked artists to submit visual works to them as the starting points for improvised pieces. These songs were then given to other visual artists to produce a visual response to.

The exhibition presents the original artworks along with listening posts for the music and the response artworks. Can a common idea be tracked through each phase of these works or will its path always be elusive?



Artworks: The complete artworks are now available on the art + music page.

Programme: Download a pdf of the exhibition programme (3.9MB).

Exhibtion pics: Photos from the gallery are now up on the exhibition page.

Press release: Download a pdf of the press release (88KB) about the project.